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Categories Of Sweepstakes Contests

At one given time there are thousands of sweepstakes contests that people are participating in all over the world. These sweepstakes contests cannot all be participated in at one time and one has to choose which one that they would like to try out and see if they will be able to win the prizes that are up for grabs. Sweepstakes are be put in categories so that it is easy for the person who is searching for contests to participate in and he/she does not have to take too much time locating the one that he/she is interested in.

Sweepstakes can be categorized through the way a person wins the prizes that are being offered. For example, some are won purely by chance meaning that everyone who signs up for the sweepstake have a chance to win and this is equal with other entrants as well. For contests which require a bit of creativity to choose the winner then the prize is usually given to the person who demonstrates the most skill either through trivia questions or presentations that can be evaluated in comparison to the other entries within the contest. Furthermore, there are sweepstakes contests whereby one can win prizes instantly as the winning times are set at random times, meaning that anyone who plays the game at that time is the winner.

The method with which someone can sign up or subscribe to sweepstakes contests is another category that these contests can be placed into. There are a variety of ways that one can join sweepstakes contests such as online sweepstakes that allow you to join the contest as long as you have a computer as well as an internet connection. They can also include contests that you can join by sending in an e-mail, through social networks such as Facebook and twitter, use of drop boxes, calling in or text messaging among others.

Another category is through the frequency of the entries that can either be daily, weekly, monthly, unlimited, and ongoing and even those that require only one entry per participant. With these sweepstake contests the prizes are given as often as there is a winner and therefore require monitoring of the progress of the contests.

Lastly, there are sweepstakes contests that are categorized according to the prizes that are to be won such as cars, cash prizes, vacations and these can be more appealing depending on the value of the prize.

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